Today, I miss you a lot…

It’s been more than six months. I would if I could, but for now we should wait.

waiting game

waiting game

I miss your eccentric smell, as we, passengers, from everywhere go through

Your long lines as I wait for my bags to get checked in

Your security checks as I dread forgetting my water bottle on my hand carry

Your announcements as I slouch on your cold and rigid chairs

Today, I miss our love-hate relationship, but for now we should wait.

path to more learning

path to more learning

I miss your welcoming place, as we, wanderers, get thrilled to see more of you

Your refreshing sight and sound as I walk through to know more of know you

Your hard sidewalks as I sit and rest from getting lost within you

Your either busy or empty streets as I get to know more of myself

Today, I miss our encounters, but for now we should wait.

TeamC summer

TeamC summer

I miss your revitalizing energy, as we, explorers, grasp onto your stunning shores

Your lovely breeze as I run towards the water to dip my feet or swim into

Your lovely rays as I look up in the sky with the sun shining on my face

Your warm grains of sand, as I feel it between my toes

Today, I miss our escapades, but for now we should wait.

fast rides eyes wide

fast rides eyes wide

I miss your exciting impressions, as we, travelers, learn more about you

Your wild transportation rides, as I stare outside while we drive by

Your passionate people, as I absorb your stories about your culture

Your numerous affairs, as I unplan my trip and just go with the flow

Today, I miss our adventures, but for now we should wait.

Today, I miss you a lot, but for now we should wait…

soon, with little feets

soon, with little feets (when @24weeks)

For very soon, we will have another beautiful soul to dance, sing, play, laugh, dream, learn and live life to the fullest with.

Today, WE MISS YOU… itchy feet, itchy feet, but we have to wait for little feet!

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