It’s been 4 years now since I totally ditched the use of a deodorant, even though I barely used any when I was younger, I know I would still use it maybe 3 to 4 times a month. But since I started reading labels and found out that I can’t read almost all of the listed ingredients, that most are made of chemicals and has harmful and long-term effects, I have totally broken up with the occasional use.

Same for my love, our Funny Daddy. He has decided not to use any of the commercial products for about a couple of years now, unfortunately, he is not as lucky as I am as to not getting smelly after a while of sun and sweat. He has been experimenting and trying out healthy alternatives like natural mineral salts, tea tree oil, and other deodorant that can be bought on natural and organic stores. Some of it worked, but not long enough that he has to reapply, while some kind of makes a white mess on his armpits after sweating and it shows when he is wearing a dark shirt or topless (which is 100% of the time).

So we have come to a conclusion, realising that in worse case scenarios, we run to our old and trusted friend, Virgin Coconut Oil.   It’s been our natural remedy for almost everything. We use it for sunbathing oil, Nik-Nik (beach bugs) protection, cooking, lotion, cleaner, alternative toothpaste, and the list goes on. There are numerous websites you can check online for the Health Benefits and use of Coconut Oils and it sure is magic.

And so, lately, he has been VERY homesick and tells me how he will show me places when we go to his country of birth – home where family is.   Camping, hiking, fishing, and be with his side of the family and friends. But most of the time, he misses the smell of the forest, not our Philippine messy shrub jungles, but THE FOREST. Big trees far apart, nice pathways to walk through, camping with bonfires, and the natural scent of the green lush forest.

And voila! It hit me, since he uses his favourite Essential Oil (Cedar wood) and VCO (Virgin coconut oil) for his daily armpit remedy, it’s time to make him his very own scent of DIY deodorant, and since it smells so good, it doubles as a cologne. It’s true, how many men have you come across the streets and they smell so good just to realise that they were not wearing cologne, it was just a very pleasant smelling deodorant?!

So I won’t make you wait any longer, here is how you can make your own DIY Deo-cologne using only 2 major ingredients: VCO and Essential Oils! (no need for baking soda or sticky cornstarch)


  • 1 oz dark glass bottle with a dropper / dark glass bottle with a small mouth for diluting
dark bottle with a dropper

dark bottle with a dropper

(There was none available where I am right now so I settled for an old McCormick vanilla extract bottle. Wash and dry thoroughly before use.)

alternative bottle you may use, just make sure to keep it cool and dark away from direct light and heat.

alternative bottle you may use, just make sure to keep it cool and dark away from direct light and heat.

*** PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT IT IS BEST TO ALWAYS KEEP THIS SOMEWHERE DARK AND COOL. (Both VCO and Essential Oils maintains its quality when it’s away from direct heat or sunlight)

  • A small bottle of VCO or FCO – Fractionated Coconut Oil (if you don’t want a coconut smell mixed onto your blended scent.
DōTERRA FCO (fractionated coconut oil)

DōTERRA FCO (fractionated coconut oil

  • A set of Therapeutic Grade – Essential Oils or whichever scent of EO you desire to mix in. I use DōTERRA Essential Oils.
essential oil exploration

essential oils of your man’s choice

Coming back to the story I knew he wanted the outdoor smell of fresh trees in the forest, so I chose the following EO’s:

His kind of scent

His kind of scent “woods scent”

  • 10 drops of Cedar wood (his favorite EO)
  • 10 drops of Patchouli (his star sign EO scent)
  • 5 drops of White Fir (the smell of Pine tree and Christmas)
  • 3 drops of Juniper Berry (Berry and it’s needles extracted that has a nutty smell and mixes well with the following oils)

***I started with smaller dose, from 5 drops to adding 2 more drops each time for each oils… I followed my instinct as to which ones to put more or less.  Then Added more again until I’ve reached my desired scent.  It’s very strong now after a week, so I decided to just add more oil to re-dilute it. 🙂 Now it seems cheaper doesn’t it?

  • MIX ALL EO TOGETHER then fill the rest of the bottle with VCO/FCO.  And there you have it!  A pleasant smelling Forest with a hint of floral and berry on your armpits! and again, maybe use it as a cologne, just a dab will do!

***As I gladly experiment and blend the EO’s like a giggling little girl chemist, I went thru my Modern Essentials guide book, and amazingly found out that these particular oils are that I have chosen for my concoctions are either anti-fungal, antiseptic, detoxifier, diuretic, and deodorant.   And to dilute these therapeutic-grade oils, we just blend it with coconut oil.


His very own EO del-cologne... smelling so sexy!

His very own EO deo-cologne… smelling so sexy!

IT SURE COMPLEMENTED HIM: his love for the forest, its scent – AND with the qualities of each oil for deodorising effects for his needs.   We tried it out for a few days, and it surely lasted longer than anything he bought from any store, and we both knew that there are ONLY 2 ingredients on it, VCO and EO. So natural. So easy!

If you feel like using it as cologne, just dab a LITTLE on pressure points! …behind the ears, inner wrists, inner elbow, behind the knees, etc.

***SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE…not that you have to but just for the fun of it. 😉

There you have it!!! I hope you get inspired by making yourself a natural Deo-cologne or just like me, make one for you love!

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