Hello! 🙂

My name is Choc… a nickname that I adapted when I was only 2 years old, and since then everyone calls me that.  I’m now 30-years old and a soon-to-be-mother.  After years of traveling the world alone, I’ve come to a halt and settled in on an island close to my heart, and on this island I met a fellow traveler.

His name is Craig, also 30-years of age.  It was a brief moment and we didn’t talk much, so we both went on with our lives preoccupied with our own projects. Just a few months after, we surprisingly met again, but this didn’t last long either. We only had a day together and both of us are leaving the next day. Somehow, he managed to get in touch and I did too. So for the third time (3rd times’ a charm! *wink*), we finally decided to meet up. No time was wasted, he immediately swept me off my feet, magically made the flighty me feel safe and to actually want to stick around. He once told me, “It feels so natural, like we knew each other already. We became very close in a very short period of time, which for me is so unheard of!”.  (and yes, I felt the same exact way!)

In spite of having different nationalities, we happen to have the same goals and passion in life. So, together with the love of my life–Craig, we will continue our fun journey traveling with our little one. Inspiring and empowering other families to ease into a simple life as we go on our quest to raising a free-range child.  Immersing ourselves into different cultures, close to nature, letting the world be our classroom, learning together, making priceless memories. ❤

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