little feetS endless summer

little feetS endless summer


Shouldn’t it be “little feet’s endless summer“? …Asked the Grammar Police

Yes, we are aware of this.  And we have two major reasons why we chose to sound silly anyway:

First would be because using most symbols such Apostrophe or Comma doesn’t work out as a Web page addresses  (URL’s).  It is not allowed.

As for the Second reason, we’re just simply not afraid to be playful and make silly words.  This name is based on actual events, inspired by my love/partner.  Since we found out we are having a baby, he would sometimes say “little feets! little feets!” while doing a cute finger gesture in front of his face as if he’s tickling a baby’s feet.  He would also say this whenever he would hear my nephew run across the hallway with his cute little feet.  It has a special place in my heart.  And what else could be better than having a blog name that spells “US” all over it, being ourselves.  This is what we promise you and we are already on it from the beginning.


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