My Birth Story: How I fetched my son from the Stars and brought him back with me to Earth.

Thank you to our calm and happy newborn, I get to write our birth story earlier than expected. We didn’t even have a hard time at all: we are still reading books, watching movies at night, cooking, cleaning, and basically going on about our daily lives as if nothing changed except that there’s three of us now. We don’t look like a sleepless mess like most predicted and experienced, we are just simply overwhelmed with this blessing! We already love him before he was born, and now we can’t even express how much we love him even more.

It seems as if there’s been a baby boom everywhere (or is it just me and my circle of friends?!) and my still pregnant friends are itching to hear more birth stories. So before I tell you mine, I would like you to remember that this is MY BIRTH STORY, I am writing this as how I remember experiencing it. I am even aware that I have forgotten so many details as I am coming in and out of consciousness during labor, and most of what you are about to read came back to me only after our lovely Midwife Isa started asking questions whether I knew doing so and so at that time, then I managed to recall. (Big thanks to her detailed notes; I’ve managed to match her timed notes with the events in my head so I can write this blog). It’s like a flashback, you don’t thoroughly remember and everything is a blur, but then once you are given tiny information about it, then it comes back to you. I hope this will help you make a decision towards what kind of birth you’d like to have, what not to expect, and nothing more but guide you. You will have your own wonderful birth, and YOUR BIRTH STORY will just be as special to you no matter what.

Birth Is Birth

Birth Is Birth: Birth Without Fear

Unlike my easy and graceful pregnancy (not having a horrible first trimester, no hormone-rage days towards daddy-to-be, no puking, etc.), finding a birthing place didn’t come easy for us. Amongst everything we mutually like, Craig and I have the most interest on traveling, both of us intentionally made the decision not to own a house nor stay put in one location, and because of this we had a hard time deciding where to birth, plus 3 more reasons: having several options where to birth (it is true, options can be very unpleasant if given too many!), that of a visa approval, and lastly, if we can find a midwife available to support us wherever we ended up. I can honestly say that this is the only stress I’ve had during my pregnancy but it sure burned so much time I could’ve had preparing for my dream birth. Although, because of that, we managed to have a babymoon trip for 3weeks, escaping the city where we stayed for the whole second trimester and went to two different islands daddy-to-be has not been to yet. Someone even wrote me after reading my previous blog about tips on preparation, asking me if she still has enough time to do it since she was already on her 30th week of gestation, so I assured her that this is not a problem, we only started settling in during my 31st week. What saved us, I think, is that we were both certain ever since finding out we were pregnant that we wanted a natural birth, no time was wasted and we started reading and researching on homebirth, water birth, and full-lotus birth.

Happy Easy Breezy Pregnancy <3

Happy Easy Breezy Pregnancy

Here is a link to my previous blog to help you with your preparation: 7 Tips for your Home Birth preparation – What we did to prepare for our Little FeetS arrival

My labor practically began on the 1st day of my due date “window” (window means 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after the due date where you may possibly give birth), I started to feel contractions on my upper back just below the rib then shifting to my lower back, Craig gave me a massage as usual and it made the pressure feel more tolerable, but since it was too early and contraction didn’t really last long, we knew it was just “practice labor”, I took a hot shower and went to bed. The next day it was gone and I went back to my big belly life.   Three days after that, our Midwife Isa came over to see us for a belly check and to see our birthing hut that we built specially for the big day. Everything was great and perfect, Isa even managed to sneak out and not tell me about the baby’s size being bigger than his age, in which I understand her reason of not trying to put “fear” during these last days and might affect my birthing process. She is awesome like that!

Visit from Midwife Isa

Visit from Midwife Isa

She left us shortly after the check up and we prepared for bed. Around 9pm I started to feel contractions again, we went on with the massage routine, long deep breaths, and got onto the all fours position to ease the pressure – in our minds, it was still very early. I was only 37+4 weeks that night and we don’t expect our son to come out until September. I was hoping to have at least two more weeks with my heavy but lovely belly. Contractions didn’t stop this time, it went through the whole night until the next day but the interval was still from 15-30mins, so we just hoped it would go away again soon. That morning I took another hot shower and we decided to just keep in touch with Midwife Isa and keep her updated.

The following night around 8pm, the pressure started to feel more significant; this time it was 10-15mins intervals. We’ve brushed the thought of birthing earlier than my due date so many times – this one included – but as time passed, I haven’t gotten any sleep and starting to get tired. At 2am on a Saturday, I had to ask Craig to prepare the birth hut…

~~ As promised, I will also tell you about our misadventures. ~~

Call it coincidence, but more challenge came our way when it was time to prepare for the birth; Everything was running smooth every single day but when the big day came, lots of things didn’t work and some planned emergency back ups wasn’t available.

1st: We chose to rent this apartment within a beautiful farm/compound my Aunt Diana owns (she has a very good heart and even allowed us to build anything we want in it – hence the “birthing hut”). One of the most important reason we chose this place is that they have solar power that could run the whole compound as long as the sun is feeling generous, what happened? It broke the day before; only because a lizard (!!!) got in and manage to short circuit a Php60,000- machine. A lizard…

2nd: There was a storm coming in that day and it’s been raining lots for a couple of days already. As expected, the very unreliable electricity provider in Puerto Princesa, Palawan is doing its usual power cut-offs and electricity failures. That’s main power and solar power down that day! And we thought we would be saved by the solar.

3rd: This day just happened to be my Aunt Diana’s Mother’s Birthday too, so they had plans of going to town and celebrate her special day with family, which for us meant, no emergency vehicle for back up in case we needed to run to the hospital. So we started calling other back ups.

4th: Plus she wanted to be there for the birth but had a hunch that she would be away when it happens. And around 4 people dreamt about me giving birth the day before (Oma Ingrid, Aduh, June and Aunt Diana). How cool is that? So, it was literally just Craig, Midwife Isa, and I inside the compound. We came to realize in the end that this was actually perfect because we had a very calm space and there were no other feelings (doubts or excitement) to influence my birth process aside from us three. It was as if he planned all this.

5th: It was super early… he was at gestation 37+5weeks only. We are a very intuitive couple and we believe in synchronicity, somehow we read too much about a Virgo baby and it just so happened that our son hurried out to be a Leo. We now sometimes call him “baby cub”.   Also, both of us were worried that he is not yet a “full term” baby, but Midwife Isa assured us that he is a healthy baby boy and everything was almost full term. That he came out early because if he didn’t, he is such a big baby that I probably wouldn’t have my dream birth and end up needing a sliced belly. Big thanks again to my beautiful son for this!

~~ Things might not always go as planned but they sure ended up as it should. ~~

Back on the birth story…

Craig went ahead to the birthing hut: started pumping on the air bed, lighting my candles, setting up my labor music playlist, taping my affirmations on the walls, unpacking our waterbirth kit on the table, and last but not least, filling up the pool with water. Since there was no electricity, we used head torch and candles the whole time; he also started boiling water on big pots in the kitchen. He was very eager to “practice” setting up the birthing hut like it’s a drill, he thought it’d be a good practice and see how long it takes to set up the place in “worse case scenario”. As for me, I jumped in the pool almost immediately and was on hot compress the whole night. We obviously think that we were still on “false labor” (and of course what do I know about that?!) and that with a hot bath it will go away. It’s been a long night and since I was so desperate to get some sleep, I managed to doze off on the pool for a bit while he was busy timing himself on everything. By this time things started to become blurry, I have no sense of time and all I could think of was the pressure and my breath.   It went on.

Our Birthing Hut

Our Humble Yet Awesome Birthing Hut

That morning around 6am, I remember coming back to my senses and made a trip to the toilet, I tried to pee but there wasn’t much until I noticed the gel brownish tinge on my bikini, which is the mucus plug. I rushed back out and told Craig to start reporting to Midwife Isa again, I would usually do it myself, but all I wanted to do then is concentrate on my contractions because I was already super tired. Again, we all brushed it off and wanted to wait longer before asking Isa to come. Mucus plug as I’ve read (like labor) can take from days to weeks until actual labor. So Craig and Midwife Isa coordinated with each other from here on and arranged a pick up for her to be dropped off at our place. By 7:30am things changed: contractions felt stronger, there was an intense feeling on my lower back as if I am constipated and I need to go and poop, plus the brownish gel mucus plug has now turned into a deep red color which is a good sign of real labor. I was advised to go back and try to relax and get some rest, and Midwife Isa will be picked up and be on her way by 10am, we all agreed.

Finally she arrived, it was 10:30am and first thing she did was checked on me, she didn’t say anything to me and just asked me to rest, but I do remember her telling Craig “Congratulations, this is now Birth!” and that labor won’t go away…

Our lovely and amazing midwife Isa giving me a massage during labor.

Our lovely and amazing midwife Isa giving me a massage during labor.

In spite of being genuinely tired and sleepless, I was comfortable (labor pressure aside). I had inflatable pillows in the pool that let me doze off every contraction breaks. This time it is only 5-10mins intervals. It was a routine of lying down on my side, squatting and all fours during contractions, and passing out during breaks. Again, there was no time and everything is a blur. All I know is that during contractions, I was active and awake.

mommy's feetS ;) inside the pool... i looked like sleeping but you can see contractions spelled all over my foot.

mommy’s feetS 😉 inside the pool… i looked like sleeping but you can see contractions spelled all over my foot.

Passing out every contraction breaks

Passing out every contraction breaks

One of the early photos as I was going through actual labor and had no clue it wasn't false labor anymore

One of the early photos as I was going through actual labor and had no clue it wasn’t false labor anymore

By 12:30nn, I went to the toilet again, pee wasn’t much again but the pressure has now intensified even more and it went all over my hips: from lower back to side hips to pelvis, the worse part is that of a poopy feeling that wont go away.   Went back in the pool and I was reminded to eat – this is every important because you will need food and rest to gain back energy, specially when it’s time to push – so I asked for some bananas and held it for maybe 1hour, contractions can be very distracting. (Again, I don’t know exactly how long it has been since I don’t have any sense of time, I was just reminded by Craig about it because I have forgotten to eat it and has been on my hand long enough).

Blur, blur, blur, it was like a dream on clouds and I am guessing it’s the natural birth hormones taking over and its coming in quite strong for someone who had not had any sleep or food for a while. 2:30pm, as Midwife Isa timed it, the contractions have now progressed to every 5minutes. I don’t know why but I had the urge to remove my bikini bottom and not worry about it by the time I needed to push. After 30minutes I actually started pushing, I tried to do it every contraction but there was nothing. All there is was some tiny bits of poop that they had to fish out of the pool! (Don’t worry about this when you do, your baby won’t be able to come out unless shit comes out first. Hahaha!).

Midwife Isa refilling my hot compress <3

Midwife Isa refilling my hot compress

Craig giving me back rubs every contractions

Craig giving me back rubs every contractions

Exhausted, my head is starting to mess up and making me want to ask Isa more questions like “is this normal?” or “why has it been too long?” or “am I doing it right?”… I finally had worries. It was a constant battle in my head; every contraction comes doubt then after comes courage as I brush the thoughts away and trust the process my body and my baby are going through.

I am not going to lie, I really felt like giving up, not because I was scared but more of I had no clue what was going on as its my first time to birth and I was super tired. The only memory I have are during contractions and the breaks are mostly me losing it to sleep. For sure it helped me in the end, but having no sleep during the days prior made it hard. I do recall feeling dazed after some contractions and trying to focus on 1 or 2 affirmation photos on the wall to give me more courage. And every time I look at Midwife Isa in the eye, hesitating, yet dying to ask her about my doubts, she just gives me a huge smile and would not say a word, and then I knew I just have to try again and trust myself. This is how I felt but according to Craig and Midwife Isa, I was nailing the birth so well and that I was so secure during the entire process. They had no clue about my doubts. It helped a lot that Craig was there the entire time preparing everything and at the same time giving me back rubs and kisses.

Breathing my way through every contractions

Breathing my way through every contractions

3:50pm Midwife Isa gave me a “power drink’ concoction because I asked for toast with honey and ended up just holding it again and forgetting about it during contractions. She knew I needed to take something to help me push, considering I was already wilted from exhaustion. I was told later on that it had cloves, cinnamon, ginger and honey on water to give me a boost of energy. I chugged everything in one go since it tasted really good.

Heavy Breaths, Low Energy, Wiping my Face Ready to Beg for Help

Heavy Breaths, Low Energy, Wiping my Face Ready to Beg for Help

Heavy rain outside and it has been more than 12hours now, I am about to pass out and breathing heavily. I would rub my face and look at Craig blankly as he strokes my back and my forehead. They didn’t know what was going on inside my head; at the brink of power outage, about to pass out completely. So slowly I stroked my belly and started talking to my son inside my belly… “Please help me out here, I am very tired now!”… Then Isa asked, “Do you want to go to the shower and freshen up?!” Isa suggested. Here comes Midwife Isa AGAIN, suggesting things that I am thinking of, she’s a mind reader – I’ve concluded. So again I agree and told her AGAIN, “I was just thinking that!”… She even gave me a cue to pop my “water bag”, just kidding! It just so happened that she asked me to tell her when I feel a “ploop” action coming out of my vagina and it happened exactly a few minutes after that. I just went “OOOH! My water bag broke, that was it!”

Exhaustion creeping in, but he was always there for me, that's how we made it.

Exhaustion creeping in, but he was always there for me, that’s how we made it.

Talking to our son inside the womb so we can all work as a team and finally see him

Talking to our son inside the womb so we can all work as a team and finally see him

Coming in and out of consciousness

Coming in and out of consciousness – I called it TRANCE 😉

What she didn’t tell me – because she’s an awesome midwife who’s let me do my own process instead of telling me what to expect – is that she already touched my son’s head and that it is the cause of swelling on my pelvic floor. So 5:20pm, I stood up, had a little trouble feeling my awkward hips, then stormed my way to the bathroom as if it was nothing. Craig followed me in the shower immediately while Midwife Isa, so hungry and was on a raw food diet, swallowed my uneaten toast whole. Hahaha! We did skip meals the whole day, you know!

I turned on the shower and the water heater (thank God electricity is back!), as soon as the hot water hits my spine, I started having the urge to push! I went on a squat position holding onto Craig with both our arms crossed, and then somehow ended up on kneeling position. I tried saving what’s left of my energy and just kneeled in the shower while Craig continued to hold my arms in pulling position. 5:40pm A rush of energy coming back, it felt like what we call “second wind”, and powerful contractions telling me to push. It was so strong and I finally felt that something was actually happening and opening. And this time, clouds were gone; I can remember clearly what went on. Craig still holding me looked down and started calling “IiiiiSSSaaaA!” (He didn’t panic but his cry for Isa was noticeably loud and long). Midwife Isa came in to check on us with the confession of eating my toast afterwards, I giggled a bit and then went back on labor mode. She then asked me “Choc… would you like to give birth HERE?” And strongly I said (together with contraction) “YeeeEsSSSs!” … She kneeled down and went for a look; she said the head is already visible and that I should only push with the contraction to save energy. Somehow she knew I was pushing more than the urge with contractions, I got excited that finally something was happening. 5:44pm I was already crowning and I FELT IT, and I still remember how it feels; it was a mixture of expanding pressure and exciting relief. I can’t wait to see him.   Midwife Isa then asked me if I can go and switch from kneeling down with knees apart to an asymmetric squatting position, – for better opening, visibility, and help the head come out during crowning – I quickly replied “No” (still moaning with contractions), and then she jokingly said, “It will be faster”… So without a word, I lifted my left leg and planted my left foot down. It didn’t take long, and I am certain it didn’t go further than 4 pushes! 5:46pm his head finally came out! As eager as me, after his head came out, he swooshed out of me and didn’t twist his body as supposed. His body came flying out after his head finally made its way.


Meeting “CHASE” for the first time ❤ LOVE BEFORE FIRST SIGHT

Not the first latch, but the first full breastfeeding session with mom

Not the first latch, but the first full breastfeeding session with mom

We lifted him onto my chest while daddy Craig wrapped us in a towel. He also tried to latch for breastfeeding almost immediately. I sat down on a stool and just hugged Craig and Chase (our son – little feetS’ name!) so tight. With a quick check, Midwife Isa noticed that Chase had a little bump on the left side of his head, we then concluded that it took him quite sometime to come out because his head was tilted to the side of my pelvis and couldn’t find the opening until maybe I stood up and walked to the shower and then it went very fast for him afterwards. (Just a conclusion…)

He is very healthy, active, and was already equipped with good breathing when he came out, a big boy indeed. After 30mins, his “twin” the placenta came out, we did the process of full-lotus birth, which meant not cutting the umbilical chord, and kept him attached to it until it falls off on its own. We decided to store it on a bamboo steamer and followed instructions for full lotus birth. The chord stopped beating after a few minutes, Chase has officially gotten all the nutrient and support his twin placenta could’ve given him. We gave it a good rinse, laid it on good absorbing cloths, sprinkled salt all over it and gave it a few drops of essential oils. I must admit, it was a pain to take care of Chase and breastfeeding him while he was attached to the placenta. I was healing and have to be extra careful not to pull the chord too far from the placenta that it might snap off. And just as I was contemplating to cut it, it finally came off hours after. It took the chord exactly 3days to fall off. After it fell, I started crying, feeling so guilty of even thinking of cutting it. To think that the placenta was nourishing Chase inside me for almost 9months and it was only 3 days and I was already being mean to it. Craig thought it was funny and cute. I did feel the changes with Chase when it fell off, and obviously I also felt sad. Initially we were planning to encapsulate the placenta and keep it in our medicine cabinet, but due to many reasons we changed our minds and decided to give it a nice ceremony instead. I wrote a letter and bury it in the compound with the Moringga (Malunggay) tree on top of it. This way we gave it a proper ceremony and we can give back to the place we give birth by planting such nutritious tree with Chase’ placenta.

A little ceremony we did for the placenta. We said our goodbyes, lit a candle, and planted it in the backyard with a moringga (malungay) tree on top of it. May it nourish lots of people in the future just how it nourished my son so beautifully.

A little ceremony we did for the placenta. We said our goodbyes, lit a candle, and planted it in the backyard with a moringga (malungay) tree on top of it. May it nourish lots of people in the future just how it nourished my son so beautifully.

Placenta container with Chase' candle holder. The chord detached exactly after 3 days.

Placenta container with Chase’ candle holder. The chord detached exactly after 3 days.

A little ceremony we did for the placenta. We said our goodbyes, lit a candle, and planted it in the backyard with a moringga (malungay) tree on top of it. May it nourish lots of people in the future just how it nourished my son so beautifully.

A little ceremony we did for the placenta. Said our goodbyes, lit a candle, and planted it in the backyard with a moringga tree on top of it. May it nourish lots of people in the future just how it nourished my son inside my womb.

Placenta container with Chase' candle holder. The chord detached exactly after 3 days.

Placenta container with Chase’ candle holder. The chord detached exactly after 3 days.

I finally have my own interpretation of “Orgasmic Birth”, some may have actual orgasms during their births, but for me it meant something else. My Orgasmic Birth means… just the appreciation of the beautiful process of birthing itself: Birth giving us the opportunity to experience expansion mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in order to make more space for unconditional love and creating life. Birth giving us the opportunity to acknowledge our power and regain capacity to trust our instincts and the process of our body. It sure is mind-blowing. I am so inlove until now, and it is not just the natural hormones (oxytocin high) our body gives during labor and birth but the journey I’ve been to be with my baby, is just truly amazing and I am very grateful, specially to my son’s father Craig, who has been wonderful all the way through. We are very happy with the decision we have made so far. We have given him the best that we could of a gentle birth – no harm, no trauma, no chemicals and whatnot. So that is our funny story! A water poop, shower birth, full-lotus! 😉 (We joke about it!) BUT WE WOULD DEFINITELY NOT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.   It is a perfect birth just the way it is, and our son Chase will forever be perfection in our hearts.

I wish everyone out there, pregnant and planning to get pregnant, to be able to manifest their dream birth as well as be as happy with the outcome of their births.

Photo Credits to Midwife Isa and Daddy Craig – I was so happy to find out after birth that you were actually taking sneaky candid pictures during the birth.  You guys rock! Love you. 🙂

7 Tips For Your Home Birth Preparation – What we did to prepare for our Little FeetS arrival

In most cases, women have an idea whether they’d want to have a baby in the future or not. I even remember myself as a little girl, playing with dolls, swaying them to sleep after a pretend bottle-feeding session and wrapping them up in blankets. Well, this is exactly how I feel towards homebirth, specially now that I am actually in a situation wherein I have to decide which kind of birth I would like to prepare for. I have memory flashbacks of watching birthing videos when we were in gradeschool (in which I found so gross at that time), coming across water birth videos on TV and telling my mom “when I give birth I want to be in water too!” – to think I was only a toddler then – basically just my strong intuition telling me that this is what’s natural. And yet of course, I understand that for some it is not the same since there are lots to consider and more if preparing for a homebirth as if the whole process of pregnancy isn’t enough.

So, for the soon-to-be-mothers…CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 

If you’ve already decided on a homebirth, maybe we can help you plan ahead and not start from scratch like we did. Here’s our list of tips and suggestions to help you prepare for your dream homebirth.

1 Research, research, and research some more.

It is a must to educate yourself about what other kind of births there are, including its pros and cons. As you go through this process, you will be able to learn lots of lessons as well as unlearning old myths and false information, and instead you’ll be able to equip yourself with confidence and knowledge. Aside from reading, it would also help to attend birthing workshop and watch birthing videos.

waiting game

waiting game

2 Find a Midwife and/or a Doula – FAST!

This one didn’t come easy.  At all.

From first to third trimester, we have come to experience the difficulties of finding professional help to support our decision.   From the dying “art of natural birth” due to C-section promotion and interventions in the hospitals, there is also the “midwifes” which had been criticised generations after generations hence the low number of practitioners not being able to fill in the demand for their services.  Having to discover that midwives are actually knowledgeable about birthing more than a doctor, doctors are trained to do a single type of birth and medical “emergency procedures”.  And let’s not forget, the “Doulas” who provides support to a mother before, during and just after birth on a physical, emotional and informational level – Honestly speaking, I haven’t heard of Doulas until I was pregnant. – There are still very few of them and only available in some places.

Aside from all these “naturally” occurring problems, we in particular weren’t sure where to birth initially – both of us are traveling and undecided whether to birth in his country or mine – and so we took our time to think about it and process, it also affected our decision on the birthplace since it must be a major consideration to find a midwife where we will be. We were so close to giving up and very much decided on doing the birth alone. It is not just where we are, but everywhere in the world seem to have the same problems. And so if I may, I’d like to save you this trouble and advise you to literally reach out and find one after reading this…you may read the rest of my tips later.

midwife Isa <3

midwife Isa ❤

3 Make your own Birth Plan.

This may sound easy and unimportant but it’s actually a very important list.  This will indicate your preferences and decisions during labor and birth, for you and your baby. You may have prepared yourself as much as you can but if any case there would be an emergency, and you are in the middle of contractions, then this will save your dreams and you may continue concentrating on your birth and baby instead of stressing on your birth wishes. I personally made my birth plan and included important details like your partners name, contact number, nationality, and blood type.

  • Here is an amazing free PDF format you can fill up online and download for you natural birth plan by Earth Mama blog: “Earth Mama’s Birth Plan

4 Make an Emergency & Announcement Contact list.

A vital thing to have, may it be used for emergency situation or simply calling loved ones and family for the announcement of his/her arrival. Again, in moments wherein you most likely don’t want to speak, this will help everyone including house members who are a bit nervous for you. This will give them a little peace of mind.  Post it everywhere and maybe give them copies. If you feel proactive, also give them copies of number 3 – your birth plan.

  • My contact list includes: midwife info, emergency numbers, and our family info.

5 Make your Birthing Essentials List.

Obviously this list of ours doesn’t look like your regular “hospital bag” checklist, even though we are aware that we may have to pack one for us three (mom, dad, and baby).  More over we include homebirth essentials on this list, this included our super basic shopping list, homebirth supplies, and emergency checklist. (As for the medical supplies, we had to collect them one by one, but there are online stores that sell home birth kits for midwife particularly in the US.)

  • In case it would help, here’s our list for you to check out:

              FOR Home Preparation/Shopping List


  • 2 Nursing Bras (use after birth) – w/ 2 breast pads
  • 5 Maternity Underwear
  • 1 Binder
  • 5 Maternity dress
  • 1 Breast Pump (just in case of emergency)
  • 1 Breast Milk Storage Bag
  • Bottle Sterilizer (only if using breastpump)
  • 1 Changing mat / 1 Non-slip bath mat
  • 2 Baby sling (Ring Sling and Baby Pouch)
  • 1 Waterproof mattress cover
  • 4 Blankets (including cotton cellular blankets)


  • 4 Receiving Blankets
  • 5 Newborn night gowns (for use until the cord falls off)
  • 8 Sleep suits (long-sleeves) *With zippers are recommended
  • 8 Onesies (short-sleeves)
  • 8 Wrap-over vests
  • 8 Pairs pants
  • 1 Sun hat
  • 6 Newborn soft cotton hats
  • 2 Cardigans
  • 12 Pairs socks
  • 12 Pairs scratch mitts
  • 1 Jacket/pram suit
  • 7 Daywear outfits (optional)
  • 2 Swaddling blanket
  • 2 Dozen Muslin squares
  • 14 Bibs (optional)
  • Reusable Nappies:
reusable organic bamboo cloth diapers <3 with cute prints!

reusable organic bamboo cloth diapers

  • 12 Shells (2 newborn)
  • 18 Organic Bamboo Cotton Soaker Pads
  • 2 Pack Baby wipes (Make natural DIY version)
  • 4 Baby sponge & face cloths
  • 1 Baby toothbrush and toothpaste
  • 1 Baby nail scissors
  • 1 Baby hairbrush and comb
  • 1 Set of Organic Essential Oils (DoTERRA – Every Oil Kit)
  • Oils (VCO and Almond Oil)


  • 1 Baby Car seat (where law requires it)

FOR Home Water Birth – Full Lotus

  • Birth Pool
  • Birth Ball
  • Yoga Mat
  • Hanging Ring for squats
  • Plastic sheet for bed
  • Placenta container (basket or cooler with Muslin squares) – w/ Isa
  • Salt for placenta
  • Bucket (for emergency and puking)
  • Fishing net/Large sifter for poop (just in case)
  • Plastic/Garbage Bag for dirty linens
  • Hot water bottle and Hot Compress Bag
  • 3 Face cloths for compression
  • Bendy Straw
  • Ice Condoms (make with Isa)
  • Coconut Oil for base massage
  • Baby towel for cover up on pool (orange from Isa)
  • My Bath robe for in and out of the pool
  • 3 Old towels
  • Toilet paper and Wet wipes
  • Mirror (just in case for crowning)
  • Small pouch of extra Hair ties
  • Extra tea light candles
  • My DIY candle holders
  • Labor and Birth EO: Lavender, Frankincense, Helichrysum (Geranium), Peppermint, Myrrh, Clary Sage
  • Essential Oil Diffuser


birth preparation

birth preparation

EO list for labor and its benefits

EO list for labor and its benefits











  • FOOD: fruits (dates), nuts, oatmeal cookies, coconut juice, pineapple juice, (sweet potato) kamote tops juice, coco popsicles, dark chocolate, honey, yogurt, toast
  • Sterile Gloves (3sizes)
  • Alcohol
  • Cotton Balls
  • Measuring tape
  • Thermometer – digital one
  • Doppler
  • Blood pressure device with stethoscope
  • Emergency Pitocin (inside the refrigerator)
  • Small oxygen bottle
  • PH tester (small strips can be bought in pharmacy)
  • Adult diaper (2-3pcs) and Maternity Pads
  • Perfusion (2times 1 NaCl for example) – Natrium Chloride
  • 1 bottle of Octenisept (it’s a disinfectant liquid which can be used for mucosa tissue) – Mucous membrane and wound antiseptic
birth preparation with ball and pool

birth preparation with ball and pool


Emergency checklist (for a 3 day stay in hospital):


  • 2 Nursing nightwear
  • 2 Nursing bras – w/ 2breast pads
  • 1 Pair of Slippers (optional)
  • 5 Maternity Underwear
  • 3 Adult disposable diaper (@ the birth box)
  • 1 Pack Maternity pads (@ the birth box)
  • 1 Binder
  • 2 Baby Sling

Ring Sling


  • 1 Boncho (breastfeeding poncho/cover-up)

– Indigo

  • 1 Pack Baby wipes (@ the birth box)
  • 1 Tissue roll (@ the birth box)
  • Mom – comfortable set of clothes for going home (w/ 3 undies)
  • 1 Extra Shawl
  • 1 Set of Organic Essential Oils (@ the birth box)
  • Extra Pillow (optional)


  • 4 Receiving Blankets/Swaddle
  • 8 Muslin Squares (Lampin)
  • 2 Newborn Reusable Nappies SHELL
  • 3 One-size-fits-all Reusable Nappies SHELL
  • 10 Reusable Organic Bamboo Cloth INSERTS
  • 5 Newborn soft cotton hats
  • 5 Pairs socks
  • 5 Pairs scratch mitts
  • 6 Printed jumpsuit clothes (1 with matching bib)
  • 3 Newborn pants
  • 2 Newborn over-all PJ
  • 2 Newborn short sleeve over-all
  • 6 Newborn strap-on Long sleeve
  • 2 Newborn strap-on Short sleeve
  • 1 Pack baby wipes (@ the birth box)
  • 2 Baby sponge & face cloth/s (@ the birth box)
  • 1 Jacket/pram suit (optional)
  • 1 Pack Disposable Newborn Nappies


  • 3 Sets of Change of clothes (1)
  • 1 Jacket/Sweatshirt

Don’t forget:

indigobaby <3

indigobaby ❤

  • Birthing plan and notes
  • Passport and Important Documents
  • Coins / money for car park
  • Mobile phone & charger
  • Drinks and snacks
  • IPod / music
  • Camera / camcorder

6 Prepare your Birthing space.

Before anything else, I want you to remember that the most important thing is for you to feel safe, relaxed, intimate and empowered. So, remember to check your list and incorporate everything that was meant for the birthing space, once this is done, you may get your space cleaned, label birthing supplies, prepare your snacks.

Here are the few things you can initially prepare for your home birthing space:

  • Remove clutter and move furniture
  • Water proof your bed and floors – we are using shower curtain for bed and tarpaulin for floor
  • Have the house/space cleaned
  • Wash everything new from your shopping list – Baby clothes and maternity stuff.
  • Get birthing supplies ready
  • Prepare what’s necessary for your “kind” of birth: bed/pool/ball/mats/stool/something to hang on to – for squatting.
  • Prepare and freeze snacks, ready to be grabbed anytime.
  • Put all emergency stuff in one area, ready and packed.

Here is our birthing hut that was made and designed specially for the birth, it is located just on the first floor of our current home. 

birthing pool, bed, ball, and rings for squats - preparation set up

birthing pool, bed, ball, table, and rings for squats – preparation set up

Assembly time during practice set up

Assembly time during practice set up – everything water proof! 🙂

birthing pool, bed, ball, and rings for squats - preparation set up

birthing pool, bed, ball, table, and rings for squats – preparation set up

7 Add your personal touch and favourites.

The best part of all: add your personal touch and favorites! To make it feel homey and relaxing I prepared a few of my favourite things:

  • DIY candleholders for a warm glow and intimate lighting – I LOVE candles.
  • Got some nice essential oils to diffuse so the birthing hut smells like bliss, plus it is helpful for labor.
Diffusing Lavander <3 for a calm labor.

Diffusing Lavander

  • Put a table where we can put memorabilia’s of everything special for Craig and me, like the champagne cork we kept from New Year’s Eve drinking celebration, the same night we knew (but unsure) we were pregnant.
NYE 2015 and pregnancy (scare) hunch celebration! =,D

NYE 2015 and pregnancy (scare) hunch celebration! =,D

  • A playlist for my labor and post-partum.
  • Last but not least, I printed a bunch of affirmations to be posted during my labor, as well as laminated signs like “family bonding DND” for post-partum days. This will help you save energy and rest, it will also help others to respect your space during the first 40days you have with your little one. It is crucial for dad, mom, and baby to spend this first few days together undisturbed.

bonding in progress - DND

bonding in progress – DND

And so you’ve reached the end of the list – It seems like a lot but I’m sure 9months is more than enough, you can just prepare for so much and it is okay.  This is our first child so we are cutting ourselves some slack but we do hope that this will help you and your partner achieve your dream homebirth in a calm and loving way.  

Time will surely fly knowing how exciting this journey is.  Upon meeting our beautiful midwife last week, she checked our baby inside my tummy and he sure is ready! I am still a month away but his back facing my left side of the belly with his head almost tucked in inside my pubic bone, his shoulders and legs already in position for some kicking action to go much lower…we definitely got more excited.   And then, last night happened, it was different; I started to feel “practice” contractions (false labor they call it) on my upper belly and didn’t know what it was exactly until I was told today (the morning after) – I had barely slept and felt a heavy burn on my right side where he kicked mostly. It felt like he was making himself as hard as a rock then gradually pushes with his limbs, it hurts. And I swear, I do cherish my pregnancy, specially that I know how lucky I am to have my partner beside me at all times giving me support, love and unlimited massages. But beyond this excitement and anticipation, here comes labor pressures being a few days/weeks away from actual labor. I will do my best to continue spending my days reading, writing, nesting and preparing for the arrival of our little gentle soul.  I haven’t gained extra weight aside from the baby weight that is concentrated on my belly area, I look exactly the same except that I now waddle like a duck and look like I’ve swallowed a whole watermelon. haha!!! 🙂  I have been spending just as much time doing chores as I have been relaxing and practicing my birth exercises mentally, physically and spiritually. And yet, I feel like all I do is wait…the anticipation to meet our little feetS is incomparable to anything I have ever wanted and waited for in my life. And i tell you… It’s all worth it in the end, and MORE…

unlimited massages <3

unlimited massages ❤

trying to calm myself down for I am very excited to meet you my little one.

trying to calm myself down for I am very excited to meet you my little one.


7 Reasons Why We Chose A Home-Water-Full Lotus Birth

This would be, so far, the most important blog I have ever written. As mentioned on my previous one: Writing entails a considerable amount of opening up to the world of the unknown, full of risks and opportunities, but this is what the journey is all about”… and by that, I meant sharing. Sharing our experience, thoughts, and journey to friends, family, and strangers alike.  And this, this is specially dedicated to “Oma” (Ingrid) and “Papa” (Dougie Fresh) who is currently home, away from where we are. As promised, this will be one way for us to keep each other updated and have a better understanding as to what our choices are being first time (soon-to-be) parents. Both have been very enthusiastic – supportive to us, through little ways I can truly feel how amazing they are as a parent and as an individual. I will never forget how you got so excited when we announced. We too, wish you were here.

Before Craig and I met, we were already going through major life-changing decisions regarding our diet, attitude, and lifestyle. We were continuously unlearning old philosophies and debunking stubborn opinions in order to relearn something new and be on a different path. Luckily this path helped us come across each other’s, like the best of friends with a passionate twist, everything was in great alignment, and soon after, before it was even confirmed – we had a hunch that we are pregnant. Both agreed, we couldn’t think of a better person to go through this with, than him and me, together. From hobbies to lifestyle, and now, to raising a child, we both knew what we wanted and it was mutual.   And we are very thankful that we were chosen by this beautiful soul to be his guardian/parents in this lifetime.

As soon-to-be-parents, we all strive to do what we think is best for our children as we know it. But lately, there have been numerous articles on pregnancy and mom wars as to how it should be done. Well, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.   In every conversation, there should be two-way communication, at least listen as much as voicing out an opinion. Always keep and open mind and an open heart. It is true that in our society, today, every type of birth is criticized, may it be home, hospital, cesarian, water birth or Vbac.  And I personally had this experience upon sharing an article on my Facebook wall about the topic of breastfeeding. We all have had choices and hopefully you gave yourself some time to know what these choices are. THIS IS YOUR BIRTH! YOUR CHILD. THEIR FUTURE. And in no way should be criticized by anyone.

My birth is my own, and my choices should not bother yours. This is my story, and you have your story.   At the same time, this is what we “planned” for, but it doesn’t exactly mean that this is what will happen. There are emergencies and circumstances that we can all just prepare for as much as we can. Having said all these things, I would like you to know that a birth is a birth, I respect your efforts on doing what you feel and think is best for you and your family, and that is a wonderful gift.   We are supporting gentle birth, and we are very happy with this choice. If there’s one thing I ask of you, parent to parent, it’s not to follow my decisions, or anyone else’ for that matter, but to do your own research and be informed of your choices. Consider your life circumstances, situation, hopes and dreams; what will make you a happy including that of their baby.

*** To Craig… I am so blessed to have you in my life. It is not easy to come across someone like you who listens to his heart, follows his dreams, continuously nourishes his knowledge, and living life to the fullest as you go through it with an open mind. It’s been such a positive and easy pregnancy with you beside me all along. I’ve said it many times and I will say it again; you are an amazing person with a big heart. You are an awesome partner, and there’s no doubt you will be the best father one can have. I will forever cherish the lifetimes that we spent together, past, present, and future. ❤ I love you so much. ***

*** And to our soon-to-be-born baby… we love you, see you soon! ❤ Mom and Dad ***

See you soon C!

See you soon C!

Here’s our list of reasons as to WHY we wanted a homebirth: What we found out during the process of unlearning/relearning, and never-ending research regarding pregnancy and birthing.


We are trying to look at the BIG Picture.  Taking into account of what’s going to affect us in the long-term starting from conception – Having believed that it all starts from within (inside the womb, your thoughts, your feelings, intentions and actions) and not just after birth. We prioritise feelings and instincts to protect our emotional well-being including that of our baby. And we considered possible impact on our other plans such as full lotus birth, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, finding alternatives to vaccines, reusable cloth diapers, baby wearing, and homeschooling. It just blends so well altogether.

We are striving to do our best, just like any other parent who would do everything to raise a child into reaching his full potential. Starting from the womb, to his birth, to when he becomes his own, we will try not to expect but be mindful, to gently welcome him and support him all the way through. We just simply want him to be happy and given the best of what we can offer as a gesture of gratitude for choosing us to be his parents.


We LOVE the idea of a loving supportive environment.  Dim lights, soothing smell of your favorite essential oil, privacy (only a few chosen people whom you trust, supports you and love you), your favorite playlist, candles, your nice warm robe, your favorite healthy snacks and drinks, a warm pool, a space to move around to in order to ease the pressure of labor, massages from your partner or midwife, pushing instinctively with contractions…I can go on and on and on. Does that sound great or what?! In case you’re wondering, I am aware of the presence of labor pains and maybe an emergency, but who wants to dwell on that? We can only prepare for so much, and then, we dwell on something positive instead. I trust my body and it’s capability to give birth. It is a normal biological function and for plus points, there is the fact that we have forgotten about – the birthing hormones that can take us into ecstasy. It is so compassionate, and as we see it, the best way to welcome our baby.

Having been blessed with friends and family who’s been through different kinds of birth gave us an idea on how we can make it better for us. We heard great stories of gentle births, vaginal birth after cesarian (Vbac), and hospital “emergencies” of which they openly told us how it felt for them personally. There were lots of advice and support on top of our incessant research/reading. We have come to a conclusion that hospitals for us can be intense, overwhelming, abrupt, and very impersonal. First the forms to fill up, then here comes your birth plan getting tossed aside due to “possible emergency situation”, bright lights, cold bed, straps and stirrups, beeping monitors, masked nurses and doctors you have not met, your loved ones asked to stay out, unnecessary medications to make the labor process faster, lying down on your back for a long period of time, the helpless feeling you get when they start telling you medical terms you don’t understand and they have no time to explain, then the expensive bill when you check out … I don’t know which part here seems appealing to anyone, and it seems as if this is what’s normal nowadays. Again, birth is a normal biological function and not a medical emergency!


We hope to have an undisturbed labor and birth before an actual emergency intervention is needed, if needed. We have come across multiple personal birth stories wherein the laboring mother felt robbed of their birth plans and/or left without enough mental, emotional, and physical support. They didn’t feel safe and secure within the hospital premises; instead, they felt like they had no choice but to just say “yes” to whatever they were told.  Instead of waiting for natural birth to occur, you get convinced to have a cesarian operation, pushed into the operating room, then comes the augmentation (to speed up labor) – administration of unnecessary pain killers and epidural.   Pitocin for example, stimulates uterine contractions, but this has a minimal effect on the dilation of a laboring woman’s cervix hence the possibility of failed induction. Then cesarian becomes necessary. It also increases risk of post-partum hemorrhage. There are pros and cons to both kinds of birth but personally, for us; we find it comforting to follow our instinct before any medication. So much has changed over the years and maybe it is time to consider changing our mindset about birth as well.

I don’t want to go through that; I don’t want to feel disoriented and cheated like some did. If they would have needed me transferred to a hospital due to a complication that requires extra resources, then by all means, let’s do it. But as parents who did their assignment, I want to at least try and make it on my own, NATURALLY, as long as everyone is safe and that I tried doing my best.


We were convinced by many studies that show the midwifery model of care is as safe as hospital birth, often with fewer interventions and post-birth complications. Of which includes the recent research that our body is a host to hundred trillions microbes and its founding seed comes from natural birth: vaginal delivery, breastfeeding, and skin-to-skin contact. While babies born via C-section, on the other hand, bi-pass the process where the baby’s gut would be seeded by the microbes from the mothers’ gut that should be established at birth through vaginal delivery, and in addition, that mother most likely been administered with drugs or anti-biotic of which will affect both microbes, then lastly, they are instead colonized mostly by bacteria found in the hospital. Our generation being at the golden age of technology and governed by pharmaceutical companies, yet we have never been sicker: From asthma, to diabetes, cancers, and obesity, to allergic diseases. We have been so clean with all the soaps, chemicals, and anti-biotic within reach we neglected the simple fact that we are actually 90% microbial and only 10% mammalian, the microbial part is said to be our micro-biome, these are the organisms that live in our human body (bacteria, fungi, viruses…), the organisms that make us whole. They play an important role setting up our immune system. Depriving the newborn of the beneficial microorganisms and substances on his skin and the mothers’ must be taken into consideration as this can influence their life span.

Both Craig and I were born via C-section too, so to be clear, we have nothing against nor blame any parents (including ours) who will have or had a caesarean birth. Again, birth is a birth. And that is great. While we value medical science and its obstetrical ways that has made birth safer for women of high-risk pregnancies, we should also explore the choices for low-risk pregnancies like mine and maximize its benefits. For those who chose a Gentle C-sectionor might have an emergency C-section here is a link on what you can add on your birth plan and how you can seed your baby with good bacteria.


To welcome our little one in a very gentle, warm and loving environment. This way we can take our time to gaze into each others eyes, warm him up in our loving arms, breathe with him until he is full of love, and nurture him until he is ready to greet the world back. A healthy newborn doesn’t need medical intervention especially in the first few hours of life. Bathing for one, interferes with bonding between the mother and child, plus the possibility to chill an infant whose ability to regulate body temperature is still immature.   In case you didn’t know, that white creamy substance on an infants skin is called Vernix Caseosa. It contains powerful proteins that have antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also contributes to an infant’s healthy immune system by protecting the fetus and the newborn against infection. So don’t wash them off (to think they do, with soap!).

Hospital protocols done right after birth just doesn’t seem right for us. Only a few minutes of skin-to-skin (if lucky) until baby will be whisked away by the hospital staff because they have to be examined, weighed, have a PKU heel prick, clamp the umbilical chord just seconds after birth (FULL LOTUS BIRTH is our choice for his gentle separation with his placenta), asking you to push harder to deliver the placenta, while they give your newborn a dose of anti-biotic and vaccine shots. There was even one mother who was given back her newborn already circumcised and formula fed (bottle) after the protocol routine, even though she strictly said she didn’t want any of those. We also want to take advantage of the benefits of early-uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact, it has been shown to reduce crying, improve bonding, keep the baby warm, and facilitate breastfeeding. So, sure maybe we can find an open-minded paediatrician and doctors who will let you have your dream birth and carry on with your birth plan, but personally speaking, I tried it too and it wasn’t easy.   Lots of hesitation on gestures and words, they are just so scared of birth themselves. The words I constantly heard were “it’s dangerous” or “it’s risky”.


We would like to support women (and their supportive partners) to reclaim their power to birth naturally. As a couple journeying on a different path, guided by wonderful people we’ve met along the way, we sure feel the need to give back to those who need support and encouragement and come out of what we call fear-based theories that has been ingrained on us about birth.   Since I was a child, may it be a story or a show on the television, when someone is giving birth, they portray it as horrifying medical emergency: Woman screaming and cursing, pushed on a wheel chair or strapped onto a bed rushed to the operating room, then strapped onto a bed, lying on their backs with the legs up…and the rest goes on! You know the story. We’ve all seen it. If it is an emergency and you have a medical case it will look like that, but not all births should be, most of the time we should just wait for the body to do its natural process. But since there are medical interventions once inside the hospital such as IV, Pitocin or Epidurals, then our natural biological function has been compromised. Labor may take days for some, and since time is of the essence, these methods are done.

After years of this practice, it has been embedded on our heads that CS is normal, that you shout, curse, and maybe freak out on the hospital bed, so they give you fake hormones and you become relaxed and they do the rest for you while you sleep, I get it, it’s convenient, like fast food. Over all and in the long run, it is not good for you and the baby. It’s time we trust our body and see how life was before any interventions. How beautiful the process of birth is.


Because we like it! Simple as that! 🙂

It’s a different path, one step at a time. And this is the first step we take together, as a family. Our decisions’ not just about my birth, it’s about our baby too.

“If you really want a HUMANIZED BIRTH, the best thing to do is to get out of the hospital!” – The Business of being born  

~~~SOME NOTES I TOOK ALONG THE WAY (a sneak peak of what we’ve read and learned that might help you understand even more)~~~

Oxytocin is also called the love hormone; it is present during making love, orgasm, and birth. It is a very powerful uterotonic, which means contraction causing.   During labor, pulses occur every 3-5minutes then becomes more frequent.   After birth, ongoing high-levels of oxytocin, augmented by more pulses release as the baby touches, licks, and nuzzles the mothers breast, helps her keep her uterus contracted and protect her against post-partum haemorrhage.

Beta-endorphin is a naturally occurring opiate with properties similar to opium/opiate-like drugs and shown to work on the same receptors of the brain. In hours of birth, elevated beta-endorphin levels reward and reinforce mother-baby interactions, including physical contact, breastfeeding, as well as contributing to intensely pleasurable, even ecstatic feelings for both.   It also facilitates release of prolactin during labor, which prepares the mothers breast for lactation, and aids in lung maturation for the baby.

Pro-Lactin is the nesting hormone. Released from the pituitary gland, crucial influence in the development and function of the immune system.

On Augmentation (Pain Killers and Epidural)

Pitocin is a synthetic version of Oxytocin. It stimulates uterine contractions with minimal effects on the dilation of labouring woman’s cervix, creating a possibility of failed “induction” in which despite the regular and very painful contractions, labor does not progress and women’s cervix fail to dilate and caesarean becomes necessary.

Epidural analgesia is one of the most striking examples of medicalisation of normal birth, transforming a physiological event into a medical event. Epidural lowers the mothers’ production of oxytocin or stops the normal rise during labor that causes woman’s labor contractions. It obliterates maternal oxytocin peak that occurs at birth and catalyses the powerful last push of labor for the baby to come out. It also

Reduces stress hormones that builds up in natural labor to help women transcend pain, slow down labor, and paralyzes not only woman’s lower body but also her pelvic floor.

Epidural and Spinal Drugs has major effects on all hormones of labor, it inhibits beta-endorphin production, reduce oxytocin production, including length of labor.

It is a snowball effect: from labor they put you on IV, if you are not dilating, then they will administer Pitocin, then an epidural because contractions are so painful, then if the Pitocin doesn’t work for some time again, then they might dose you for another Pitocin, due to the strong contractions this brings, then the baby becomes distressed, then finally they tell you, you need a caesarean to save your baby.

A labor may sometimes last for days, and this is not ideal for hospitals. From waiting 26hours, it became 24hours, then to12hours. Hospital is a business and they want these beds filled and them emptied.   (As for my sister, she was induced after 12hours then sent to the emergency room 4hours after that.)

Side Effects on Mother and Child:

  • Effects hormonal orchestration
  • Blood pressure
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Direct toxic effects to the fetus and newborn (drug levels)
  • Changes in fetal heart rate
  • Low APGAR score (The Apgar score is a simple assessment of how a baby is doing at birth, which helps determine whether your newborn is ready to meet the world without additional medical assistance. Your practitioner will do this quick evaluation one minute and five minutes after your baby is born.)
  • Poor tone
  • Weak immune system
  • Higher rates of jaundice for epidural babies
REFERENCES: (In random order)

Books and PDF file:

  • Childbirth without fear – Grantly Dick-Read
  • Educate Yourself – Dr.Nat-Kringoudis
  • Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering: A Doctor’s Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices – Dr. Sarah Buckley
  • How-to-be-a-Natural-Mama
  • Natural-Induction – Red Tent Mums
  • Placenta: The forgotten Chakra – Ibu Robin Lim
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
  • Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation By Pam England, Rob Horowitz
  • Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying, and Pleasurable Birth Experience By Elizabeth Davis, Debra Pascali-Bonaro


  • Birth Story – Ina May Gaskin & The Farm Midwives
  • Childbirth: All or Nothing BBC Documentary
  • MicroBirth (article related: Seeding CS babies)
  • Orgasmic Birth
  • The Business of being born
  • What Babies Want

Other Books I would love to read but didn’t get to due to unavailability:

  • Hypnobabies Home Study Course for Expectant Mothers Plus 2 Bonus Cds From Hypnobabies Self-Study Products
  • HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing (3rd Edition) By Marie F. Mongan
  • She Births: A Modern Woman’s Guidebook for an Ancient Rite of Passage By Marcie Macari
  • Silent Knife: Caesarean Prevention and Vaginal Birth after Caesarean (VBAC)
By Lois J Estner, Nancy Wainer Cohen
  • Birth and Breastfeeding: Rediscovering the Needs of Women During Pregnancy and Childbirth 
By Michel Odent

 Facebook Group:

 Workshops: (Pregnancy, Doula, Midwife, Birthing, Post-Partum, Yoga, Raw food)

***To my Grandmother Lola Sonya,  you are a very brave woman.  All these years I imagined birth like everyone else did, it’s not the same anymore and yet I was so surprised during our visit when you told me “don’t fear birth, it’s natural!”…it gave me an assurance I can never get from any book or videos.  Thank you!  We love you and we hope to see you soon.***

About Team C

Hello! 🙂

My name is Choc… a nickname that I adapted when I was only 2 years old, and since then everyone calls me that.  I’m now 30-years old and a soon-to-be-mother.  After years of traveling the world alone, I’ve come to a halt and settled in on an island close to my heart, and on this island I met a fellow traveler.

His name is Craig, also 30-years of age.  It was a brief moment and we didn’t talk much, so we both went on with our lives preoccupied with our own projects. Just a few months after, we surprisingly met again, but this didn’t last long either. We only had a day together and both of us are leaving the next day. Somehow, he managed to get in touch and I did too. So for the third time (3rd times’ a charm! *wink*), we finally decided to meet up. No time was wasted, he immediately swept me off my feet, magically made the flighty me feel safe and to actually want to stick around. He once told me, “It feels so natural, like we knew each other already. We became very close in a very short period of time, which for me is so unheard of!”.  (and yes, I felt the same exact way!)

In spite of having different nationalities, we happen to have the same goals and passion in life. So, together with the love of my life–Craig, we will continue our fun journey traveling with our little one. Inspiring and empowering other families to ease into a simple life as we go on our quest to raising a free-range child.  Immersing ourselves into different cultures, close to nature, letting the world be our classroom, learning together, making priceless memories. ❤

FOR HIM Natural Deodorant/Cologne – “DIY deodorant-cologne I specially made for Funny Daddy”

It’s been 4 years now since I totally ditched the use of a deodorant, even though I barely used any when I was younger, I know I would still use it maybe 3 to 4 times a month. But since I started reading labels and found out that I can’t read almost all of the listed ingredients, that most are made of chemicals and has harmful and long-term effects, I have totally broken up with the occasional use.

Same for my love, our Funny Daddy. He has decided not to use any of the commercial products for about a couple of years now, unfortunately, he is not as lucky as I am as to not getting smelly after a while of sun and sweat. He has been experimenting and trying out healthy alternatives like natural mineral salts, tea tree oil, and other deodorant that can be bought on natural and organic stores. Some of it worked, but not long enough that he has to reapply, while some kind of makes a white mess on his armpits after sweating and it shows when he is wearing a dark shirt or topless (which is 100% of the time).

So we have come to a conclusion, realising that in worse case scenarios, we run to our old and trusted friend, Virgin Coconut Oil.   It’s been our natural remedy for almost everything. We use it for sunbathing oil, Nik-Nik (beach bugs) protection, cooking, lotion, cleaner, alternative toothpaste, and the list goes on. There are numerous websites you can check online for the Health Benefits and use of Coconut Oils and it sure is magic.

And so, lately, he has been VERY homesick and tells me how he will show me places when we go to his country of birth – home where family is.   Camping, hiking, fishing, and be with his side of the family and friends. But most of the time, he misses the smell of the forest, not our Philippine messy shrub jungles, but THE FOREST. Big trees far apart, nice pathways to walk through, camping with bonfires, and the natural scent of the green lush forest.

And voila! It hit me, since he uses his favourite Essential Oil (Cedar wood) and VCO (Virgin coconut oil) for his daily armpit remedy, it’s time to make him his very own scent of DIY deodorant, and since it smells so good, it doubles as a cologne. It’s true, how many men have you come across the streets and they smell so good just to realise that they were not wearing cologne, it was just a very pleasant smelling deodorant?!

So I won’t make you wait any longer, here is how you can make your own DIY Deo-cologne using only 2 major ingredients: VCO and Essential Oils! (no need for baking soda or sticky cornstarch)


  • 1 oz dark glass bottle with a dropper / dark glass bottle with a small mouth for diluting
dark bottle with a dropper

dark bottle with a dropper

(There was none available where I am right now so I settled for an old McCormick vanilla extract bottle. Wash and dry thoroughly before use.)

alternative bottle you may use, just make sure to keep it cool and dark away from direct light and heat.

alternative bottle you may use, just make sure to keep it cool and dark away from direct light and heat.

*** PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT IT IS BEST TO ALWAYS KEEP THIS SOMEWHERE DARK AND COOL. (Both VCO and Essential Oils maintains its quality when it’s away from direct heat or sunlight)

  • A small bottle of VCO or FCO – Fractionated Coconut Oil (if you don’t want a coconut smell mixed onto your blended scent.
DōTERRA FCO (fractionated coconut oil)

DōTERRA FCO (fractionated coconut oil

  • A set of Therapeutic Grade – Essential Oils or whichever scent of EO you desire to mix in. I use DōTERRA Essential Oils.
essential oil exploration

essential oils of your man’s choice

Coming back to the story I knew he wanted the outdoor smell of fresh trees in the forest, so I chose the following EO’s:

His kind of scent

His kind of scent “woods scent”

  • 10 drops of Cedar wood (his favorite EO)
  • 10 drops of Patchouli (his star sign EO scent)
  • 5 drops of White Fir (the smell of Pine tree and Christmas)
  • 3 drops of Juniper Berry (Berry and it’s needles extracted that has a nutty smell and mixes well with the following oils)

***I started with smaller dose, from 5 drops to adding 2 more drops each time for each oils… I followed my instinct as to which ones to put more or less.  Then Added more again until I’ve reached my desired scent.  It’s very strong now after a week, so I decided to just add more oil to re-dilute it. 🙂 Now it seems cheaper doesn’t it?

  • MIX ALL EO TOGETHER then fill the rest of the bottle with VCO/FCO.  And there you have it!  A pleasant smelling Forest with a hint of floral and berry on your armpits! and again, maybe use it as a cologne, just a dab will do!

***As I gladly experiment and blend the EO’s like a giggling little girl chemist, I went thru my Modern Essentials guide book, and amazingly found out that these particular oils are that I have chosen for my concoctions are either anti-fungal, antiseptic, detoxifier, diuretic, and deodorant.   And to dilute these therapeutic-grade oils, we just blend it with coconut oil.


His very own EO del-cologne... smelling so sexy!

His very own EO deo-cologne… smelling so sexy!

IT SURE COMPLEMENTED HIM: his love for the forest, its scent – AND with the qualities of each oil for deodorising effects for his needs.   We tried it out for a few days, and it surely lasted longer than anything he bought from any store, and we both knew that there are ONLY 2 ingredients on it, VCO and EO. So natural. So easy!

If you feel like using it as cologne, just dab a LITTLE on pressure points! …behind the ears, inner wrists, inner elbow, behind the knees, etc.

***SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE…not that you have to but just for the fun of it. 😉

There you have it!!! I hope you get inspired by making yourself a natural Deo-cologne or just like me, make one for you love!

Soon-to-be-parents’ love letter to traveling

Today, I miss you a lot…

It’s been more than six months. I would if I could, but for now we should wait.

waiting game

waiting game

I miss your eccentric smell, as we, passengers, from everywhere go through

Your long lines as I wait for my bags to get checked in

Your security checks as I dread forgetting my water bottle on my hand carry

Your announcements as I slouch on your cold and rigid chairs

Today, I miss our love-hate relationship, but for now we should wait.

path to more learning

path to more learning

I miss your welcoming place, as we, wanderers, get thrilled to see more of you

Your refreshing sight and sound as I walk through to know more of know you

Your hard sidewalks as I sit and rest from getting lost within you

Your either busy or empty streets as I get to know more of myself

Today, I miss our encounters, but for now we should wait.

TeamC summer

TeamC summer

I miss your revitalizing energy, as we, explorers, grasp onto your stunning shores

Your lovely breeze as I run towards the water to dip my feet or swim into

Your lovely rays as I look up in the sky with the sun shining on my face

Your warm grains of sand, as I feel it between my toes

Today, I miss our escapades, but for now we should wait.

fast rides eyes wide

fast rides eyes wide

I miss your exciting impressions, as we, travelers, learn more about you

Your wild transportation rides, as I stare outside while we drive by

Your passionate people, as I absorb your stories about your culture

Your numerous affairs, as I unplan my trip and just go with the flow

Today, I miss our adventures, but for now we should wait.

Today, I miss you a lot, but for now we should wait…

soon, with little feets

soon, with little feets (when @24weeks)

For very soon, we will have another beautiful soul to dance, sing, play, laugh, dream, learn and live life to the fullest with.

Today, WE MISS YOU… itchy feet, itchy feet, but we have to wait for little feet!

Introduction to Essential Oils – “Our family’s first step to EO exploration”

~*~ hmmm ~*~ the fragrance of mother earth in your “medicine cabinet”…

We personally have a very minimal exposure to Essential Oils (EO). It was an on and off relationship due to lack of resource, lack of knowledge, plus it can be quite overwhelming financially. As we go on our search for natural remedies and medication alternatives, we started hearing about it more and more and considered getting a set in preparation for the arrival of our little one.

We started researching online and asking more friends to share their experiences with us, but this confused us as much as it inspired us. There were so many EO resources online who also gave us doubts and worries because of its strength. We have to be very cautious and make sure that each is safe for whichever type of use, on whoever uses it. Meaning – more research. Dilution and use vary on the age and condition of the person who will use it. Whether you’re pregnant, you’re a baby, or simply have allergies to certain oil(s). Also there are lots of companies who promote and sell therapeutic grade EO nowadays, so on the business side of things, we didn’t like the reviews and feedbacks from any of each companies’ consumers. We didn’t want to be involved with the politics of it; we just want to find the safest source of EO for our family. This turned us off for a bit and stalled purchasing.

Essential Oils are so popular lately – especially in our community of friends that’s into organic, local, and natural remedies – and with good reason. It is very powerful and has been used throughout recorded history for a wide variety of health-related applications. If you consider its shelf life (which is forever, as long as they are not kept in extreme heat or extreme cold. Or they are in dark bottles to help with diffusing the light), then it is all worth it price wise, as for this day and age, it is one of the purest form of therapy we can find. So without further ado…

We have established the fact that we wanted to take care of our family’s health safely and naturally, so we considered adding some essential oils to our medicine cabinet.

We chose DōTERRA.


If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. In addition to giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils protect plants and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health care practices.


Essential oils are used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends in one of three methods:

IMG_7821 IMG_7818


Essential oils, when diffused, can be very stimulating, while others can be calming and soothing. Diffusing essential oils can also cleanse and purify the air.


Essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and many can be safely applied topically when used in conjunction with a carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil.


Certain essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of healthy conditions.

IMPORTANT: Only a Therapeutic, Grade A oil are safe enough to ingest. Other oil brands have “carrier” oils to make the oils less expensive. These carrier oils can be toxic. If you look at many store brand essential oils, you will note that they say, “Do not take internally.”


We found out more about Essential Oils only until after we got very serious on our research. In perfect timing, while in Manila, we were invited to attend a friendly talk about DōTERRA Essential Oils and also to try some of it.  Through the talk and other friends, we saw a fast growth of interest in it and met a few people here in the Philippines who just started to actively share their knowledge and resources.  So we ordered through a friend online on Facebook DōTERRA Philippines or her personal DōTERRA website Rhiannon MyDōTerra.

I was very pleased with the fast response and service she provided, including constant updates and emails, as well as keeping up to their promotion of free shipping to the Philippines every 15th and 30th of the month.  Shipment is a major concern for us since most of the time Philippines’ shipping service either takes a VERY long time or never gets to you at all.

DISCLAIMER: Please know my intention in sharing this information is not to make a sale. I get lots of questions about the oils we use and where to buy, so I just want to share this information. As I’ve mentioned before – “We didn’t want to be involved with the politics of it; we just want to find the safest source of EO for our family.”  


We purchased the Every Oil Kit , which includes their collection of both Single oils and Blend oils, a canvas bag, aroma-lite diffuser, wellness advocate intro-packet, and an enrollment.  BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! (just kidding…) They also included 4 Essential Oils that’s on their sweet summer promotion, a bottle of spearmint, dill, cumin, and tangerine.

DōTerra's EVERY OIL KIT with Modern Essentials Book. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE

DōTerra’s EVERY OIL KIT with Modern Essentials Book. 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE

DōTerra's EVERY OIL KIT with labels and Modern Essential Book's "Quick User Guide"

DōTerra’s EVERY OIL KIT with labels and Modern Essential Book’s “Quick User Guide”

We also ordered Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is perfect for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses. It is the definitive guide, whether you are a new or an experienced essential oils user.

It arrived all-together in one package. Thanks to Rhiannon. 🙂

But guess what?!  My favourite part wasn’t any of those… it was when I opened the package like it’s Christmas morning, and dreadfully organised the oils inside the canvas bag ‘Alphabetically’… it was hard!  Then I got to the intro-packet and realised that it comes with cap stickers!!! So we eagerly removed the oils again (regretting that we didn’t check the whole packet for labelling) and started sticking the cap lids with its stickers for easier search when we need to use them. Whew! They even had blank ones that we used for the freebies that didn’t have pre-labeled stickers.

DōTerra cap stickers came with blank ones so we can put EOs that is not on the package.  Limited Edition and Promos. :)

DōTerra cap stickers came with blank ones so we can put EOs that is not on the package. Limited Edition and Promos. 🙂

DōTerra cap stickers!!! yey!

DōTerra cap stickers!!! yey!

I hope that this post inspires you to use essential oils, and also be encouraged to do proper research and safety first. If you have more questions, please feel free to let me know or click on the following links below:




DōTERRA Facebook Philippines

Endless Driven Why

I grew up feeling alone and alienated.  No, my situation didn’t put me on this spot, I just naturally felt as if I didn’t belong.   Non-conformist was the word, as I spent years being thrown out of the class for questioning the professor’s lessons. Although this may be painful, it was also the reason why I got a head start in life. I didn’t finish college, left home and told my mother “Do not waste your money on tuition fees, I am certain I didn’t like going to school”… (P.S. This move might not work for everyone, and I am not promoting it)

I had a little savings from my summertime gigs of modeling (which I only did for money as I also didn’t feel like I belong there), and rented a room inside my college friend’s home. But I was not there most of the time; I hopped on a bus and went surfing in Zambales circa 2002. I had an eye-opening trip: meeting older people who I felt at ease with and realizing my love for the ocean. But let’s not forget I was also young and stupid, and as we all know-unsupervised! Mentioning that means I had my fair share of mistakes, I learned from it but I am not proud of it.

Years after, I met up with my family again for my little bothers graduation, and they saw that I was fine leaving home anyway. Hence had an unspoken blessing that I can just do so by myself. Three days after that, I woke up with a thought that literally rolled out of my mouth, I said, “today I will look for a job”.  And the happy-go-lucky me finished a resume, did a drop box application at the best 5-star hotel in Makati, and just upon application I luckily got promoted and they gave me a higher-ranking job than what I was applying for. I was lucky yet questioned by people for having this luck.

I loved this job so much… But not long after I was convinced by colleagues to apply for a job abroad as a flight attendant. I was very hesitant; I was already in a good place. Yet again, curiosity wins and I went with them and rolled with the punches. I didn’t take it seriously – in which I think helped me get the job because I was so chill compared to others, it was a massacre…thousands of applicants with heavy sweats, eye and lip twitches, and loud sobbing. It was traumatizing. But hey, lucky me, I got the job! Sad part is, the four who convinced me didn’t… again I was questioned for that, this time, in one of those creepy silent non-confrontational girl things. They just went silent. So I moved on.

I traveled! Everywhere! I didn’t save my allowance and brought instant noodles in my hotel room on layovers. I actually went out almost every time and lived a good tourist life while I was on the job. I went with flight attendants who were either a local of the country or with the group who are willing to sacrifice a few hours of rest to explore the new place. I ate good food, saw beautiful places, and did adventure trips that cost me more than the allowance, including buying crewmembers a lap dance on one drunken night in Frankfurt.   It was an amazing part of my life and I am not denying that.

But after so much booze and lonely times living in a place that seemed too artificial for me, I broke down. I was diagnosed clinically depressed. (Apparently this is common to the job hence the high salary). And so again a decision that I am not proud of, I left. I am not proud I said, but it sure was worth it. I went back to surfing right away and it healed me, but still, I knew there is a piece missing.

For someone who likes contact sport, I never knew I’d be thinking of it… I thought I wanted to try Yoga. AH YES, the big bliss, Yoga… It was year 2011 and my cousin who’s always been an angel to me, was into it. I had to talk to her.  I was briefed, and not so long after, I found a teacher, and instantly, I fell in love with the practice and found myself in India!!! (The flight attendants’ worst nightmare. This also gave me a new perspective on viewing things as I saw it differently when I was flying compared to living in India).

I was guided beautifully and I practiced religiously. I was so happy that I started to write about it. And this is when I remembered to write.   To write the words that you are unable to express vocally, things and feelings you are passionate about, ideas that you want to share, and moments you want to remember and reminisce…

From here on, I didn’t exactly feel like I wasn’t alone anymore, but instead, I felt at ease and comfort with being alone. That it is okay and wonderful to just listen to yourself and follow your heart. Get to know yourself and undo what you’ve been told and just learn, learn from other people and learn from your mistakes, to acknowledge is the first step to forgiveness and freedom. It feels good.

And so with this comes a gift… I’ve met wonderful people who are in-sync with my life’s journey and they are all talented. I have been blessed to have a connection to people who inspire others in special ways they can. And as for me, it is my chance to give back and share it to people who are willing to listen. Specially to change what we can for the better. From love, to birth, to lifestyle, to a better future.

We all grew up with different backgrounds, lifestyles, upbringing, hardships and milestones… thinking, why does it have to be me? Or why is this happening to me? But sooner or later, we find ourselves at the same place everyone has hoped for, and REALISE that we just took different routes. Just like how you may be thinking as you read this: we REALISE that we are all connected to each other somewhat, someway.

And this is the main reason WHY writing means so much to me.

For me, writing is a passion in itself that gives us the privilege to CONNECT on a deeper level and EMPOWER friends, family, and strangers. It entails a considerable amount of opening up to the world of the unknown, full of risks and opportunities, but this is what the journey is all about. And in this lifetime, this is one of the things I can do to help and reach out to others, including myself.

Little about Choc

As a young child, Choc knew what all children knew: everyone is special. But unlike most of them, Choc never forgot it. So even as she grew into adulthood, Choc’s awareness allowed her to see a world infused by magic. On a few occasions, when she felt like skipping school, she’d throw in a playful curse and make it rain strong enough for classes to be suspended.

In spite of having grown up in Manila and travelled to glamorous cities in the world, Paris, Rome, London, New York, she prefers the company of creatures — scaled, winged, and furred — and the great outdoors, especially the ocean. This is where she felt at peace the most.

Her current life as an Ashtangi, teaching Ashtanga yoga and living by its 8- limbs teachings, allows her to carry this inner peace wherever she goes. But this prize was hard-earned, gained only after many years of school, work and miles logged on a life-turning journey.

After a series of professional stints in multinational hospitality industries that proved unfulfilling and even, depressing, Choc took herself out of the rat race and focused on self-care through her simple passion as surfing, backpacking, music and art. Landing at last in Boracay, Ashtanga yoga found her and promptly claimed Choc as one of its ambassadors.

Choc took a full-immersion into the practice and not long after, she had an opportunity to go to the Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India, where the lineage originated. She practiced under the guidance of Sharath, the grandson of Sri. K Pattabhi Jois, the founder Ashtanga Yoga. Throughout the years, Choc deepened her practice by assisting world-renowned teachers, teaching in yoga studios in Manila, taking supplemental courses in Anatomy and Kinesiology, and most recently, held and shared space at Bahay Kalipay Raw Food and Retreat Center in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Here she had experienced many wonderful moments, including lots of lessons learned after what may have already felt like the most painful journey. But on this paradise, she also met the love of her life. For the first time in her life she couldn’t put how she felt into words, there was just pure ecstasy and contentment. And out of this pureness, they made the most wonderful gift one could ever be blessed with. Another soul has chosen them to be parents; they are soon the said guardians for the lessons this other soul has to learn.

To this day, Choc continues to live her life to the fullest, infecting others with her lightness of heart and spirit. Whenever she’s not cuddling and kissing her loves, you will find Choc on her mat, surfing the waves, hiking mountains, or hanging around towering acacia trees with her friends.

…to be continued…

Varanasi enroute to Maha Kumbh Mela

Varanasi enroute to Maha Kumbh Mela

Special Thanks to Marie Magdalena Cavosora


What is “LiFES” all about?

About Us. About our journey.


Traveling for more than 7 years, I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve talked to a lot of people, enjoyed numerous countries, adapted to different cultures, collected thousands of pictures, scribbled down hundreds of notes, and swam all the rivers and beaches I can dive into. And for as long as I can remember, it all began when I started to surf, hopping on a local bus, alone, trying to escape the city. I knew I was born to wander!

Like most, I had my fair share of name-calling. Some are status related like “The Girl with Peter Pan Syndrome” or “The One that (Goes) Got Away”; and some of course, just a sweet friends’ funny brain farts while tagging me on pictures with a caption “Better than Finding Big Foot” or “Diwata” (Filipino word for Fairy) just because I prefer being off-the-grid. And yes, I must admit, I thought “Don’t date a girl who travels” was written for me.

From what I’ve gathered, I appear like a whirlwind disaster for some, while for others, I was living their dream and they live vicariously through me: following my posts and asking for advice. As for what I actually felt, it was a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs: emotionally, financially, and physically. Caught myself once, staring blankly at my messy suitcase, tired. Even just the thought of it made me tired, repacking again just after 2 weeks in Goa. But of course that didn’t stop me, and my itchy feet, after a few months I was back online searching for flights, connecting my travel dots.

After an adventurous life journey and lots of mistakes, you learn to not require validation from anyone and just be yourself – happy, contented and accepting, being in the moment whatever the situation is… And so, months have passed and I wanted to slow it down a bit, I chose an island close to my heart and settled in. Then the unthinkable manifested. A game changer for this Ambivert lone traveler has arrived and it sprinted towards me sweeping me off my feet, FAST.

Magic happened and then there were two of us…

Magic happened and then there were three of us…

(Yes…you are seeing double BUT with a different number! I did mention fast didn’t I?)

Now I understand what my close friend was telling me when I met up with her a couple of years ago. I was holding back a tear, telling her about a “frog” that once was. She told me, “You know it always gets better, and you shouldn’t give up. Love is beautiful!” …(So long as you do not settle for something less of course and you already know yourself well enough to know what you really want in life – this is a great advice from me, take it!)

IT IS INDEED BEAUTIFUL. LOVE. And I can feel it in my full heart; the same way moving and going places makes me feel at home. Now, I have someone to share my adventures with and soon there will be three of us.

Little Tarzan

Little Tarzan





~~~In Case You Missed it~~~

little feetS endless summer

little feetS endless summer


Shouldn’t it be “little feet’s endless summer”? …Asked the Grammar Police

Yes, we are aware of this. And we have two major reasons why we chose to sound silly anyway:

First would be because using most symbols such Apostrophe or Comma doesn’t work out as a Web page addresses (URL’s). It is not allowed.

As for the Second reason, we’re just simply not afraid to be playful and make silly words. This name is based on actual events, inspired by my love/partner. Since we found out we are having a baby, he would sometimes say “little feets! little feets!” while doing a cute finger gesture in front of his face as if he’s tickling a baby’s feet. He would also say this whenever he would hear my nephew run across the hallway with his cute little feet. It has a special place in my heart. And what else could be better than having a blog name that spells “US” all over it, being ourselves. This is what we promise you and we are already on it from the beginning.